Price Range: $1,500 – $3,000

Size Range: 2 – 34

WREN Bridal Designs, where modern minimalism meets bridal elegance. our clean and contemporary bridal line is designed for brides who appreciate the beauty of simplicity and the allure of a modern aesthetic.

We believe that less is more, and our gowns reflect this ethos with their sleek lines, subtle details, and impeccable tailoring. each dress is a masterpiece of minimalist design, crafted to enhance your natural beauty without overwhelming it.

With a focus on clean silhouettes and high-quality materials, WREN Bridal gowns are a celebration of pure, understated sophistication. Whether you’re planning a city chic wedding or a destination celebration, our collection offers a range of styles to suit your vision.

Discover the essence of modern bridal beauty with WREN Bridal and experience the effortless elegance that comes from embracing a clean and contemporary aesthetic on your wedding day.

a few of our favorite styles

Bon Bon Belle Bridal 10SouthStyledShootAmandaKetterhagenPhotography-136-683x1024


Bon Bon Belle Bridal Blair-681x1024


Bon Bon Belle Bridal Elizabeth-681x1024


Bon Bon Belle Bridal Geneva-681x1024


Bon Bon Belle Bridal Ezra-681x1024


Bon Bon Belle Bridal Giselle-681x1024


Bon Bon Belle Bridal Winnie


Bon Bon Belle Bridal Pippa-681x1024