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Every day Bon Bon Belle strives to deliver the #1 bridal experience in the Midwest. Always #poweredbylove, this store often reiterates “everybody fits here”. That speaks more than just to the size dresses Bon Bon Belle carries for brides to try on (sizes 4 – 30). It also speaks to everyone wanting a friendly, caring experience with zero judgment and maximum options. As one of the largest bridal boutiques in Wisconsin, Bon Bon Belle carries hundreds of bridal gowns, accessories and the most incredible ‘veil wall’ that is sure to complete your dreamy day. We are LGBTQ+ friendly and want every person who walks through our doors to feel welcome and cared for. We hope to meet you soon.

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Our Core Values


We care first for our people, then our customers. Why? We believe that if we pour into our people and care for them personally and professionally, they will be whole, loved, and in turn be able to care for our customers.


We try hard to wow our customers with service and hospitality looking for ways to delight and inspire. From thoughtful touches to having your back & putting your needs first, we’ve got you.


We create and follow repeatable systems to ensure consistently excellent experiences for our customers and co-workers.


We consistently strive to improve and raise the bar on our service experience, our environments, our brands, and ourselves.

Open Positions

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Bridal Stylist

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Hospitality Coordinator

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Our Team

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General Manager

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Marketing Manager

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Assistant Manager