give back campaign

At Bon Bon Belle, we consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to spend our days with our amazing brides, surrounded by extraordinary dresses, and share in one of the most special moments of your life. .

In 2020, we realized that within this wonderful experience, there’s an opportunity to positively impact the lives of brides in our broader community. Thus, we launched our Give Back Campaign, where we donate a portion of every sale to causes that hold personal meaning to our stylists and our customers. 

We acknowledge that there’s a lot happening in the world beyond the enchantment of wedding dress shopping. That’s why Bon Bon Belle is unwavering in its commitment to spread love not only within our local community but also across the nation by providing financial support to organizations dedicated to making a meaningful difference. We’re confident that our #B3Brides share this commitment too.

In 2023, we’re focusing on our core value of “Care” and dedicating resources toward promoting mental health awareness. While full of joyous moments, marriers can face challenges along their journey to their wedding day, including disapproval from family, friends, colleagues, or neighbors; financial stressors; anxiety over the hefty task of planning…the list goes on.  

Any one of these situations can negatively affect mental health, so in addition to our commitment to making all brides feel confident and empowered on their visits with us, we’re dedicating resources toward organizations that promote mental health awareness.  

ways you can make a difference

When you officially become a #B3Bride at any location, on any day of the year, you automatically join us in our mission. A portion of the proceeds from your gown and accessory purchases will be donated to a remarkable organization dedicated to empowering marriers.

It’s as straightforward as that. Discover your perfect dress, share the love, and we’re thrilled to welcome you as one of our #B3Brides making a positive impact.

Moreover, for those who are able and willing, we wholeheartedly encourage making personal contributions to these cherished charities we hold dear to our hearts.

check out our 2023 organizations

american foundation for suicide prevention (AFSP)

national alliance on mental illness (NAMI)

Bon Bon Belle Bridal AFSP-Black-Logo.png

AFSP is a leading organization in the United States that works tirelessly to prevent suicide through research, education, advocacy, and support.

Their efforts aim to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues, improve access to mental health care, and ultimately save lives.

Bon Bon Belle Bridal FrontlineWellness_BLACK_STACKED-e1695669428941

NAMI plays a crucial role in advancing mental health awareness, providing support, and advocating for improved mental health care and policies.

Their work helps individuals and families affected by mental illness access the resources and assistance they need to lead fulfilling lives.