Bon Bon Belle Bridal Boutique

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Bon Bon Belle specializes in bridal gowns for everybody, not just specific sizes. We handpick gowns & styles that complement every size beautifully. We select the styles featured in our store straight off the runway, so that we can see how they move and flow, and our gown prices range from $699-$4000. We work with all of our brides one on one and will make your gown shopping experience relaxed, fun, and easy. You can choose from a private suite (with up to 4 guests) or a semi-private area that accommodates up to 10 guests.

If you feel more comfortable checking us out before bringing in your entourage, schedule a meet & greet with our Manager, Lindsay. She will give you a sneak peek at the styles, give you a tour of the store and go through what to expect in advance. We are all about you, and want to ensure that you feel completely taken care of.

Below is a sneak peek of just a few of our beautiful wedding gowns that we have available to try on in sizes 18-32. We have over 75 plus size gowns to look at and more arrive almost weekly!

It was a great day. Wendy and her team were spectacular. The boutique was beautiful, but the people really make the difference. I have been a part of countless experiences with friends and family where it is a just another wedding dress sale. This was not the case with the Bon Bon Belle team.

We'd be happy to share in advance with you the experience you can look forward to, what our appointments include, and everything we'll do to make sure you have an amazing experience! Just drop us a line to learn more: