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Lindsay: Lindsay was one of our brides at Bon Bon Belle and also got married right downstairs at Mercantile Hall. She is passionate about fashion and service and loves helping brides at Bon Bon Belle. She attends industry conferences to further enhance her ability to serve our brides and so that she can help tackle any challenge you have, which she does so with humor & grace. Lindsay and her husband live right here in Burlington with their 2 adorable daughters.

Tiffany: What can we say about this girl but oh my goodness - she’s amazing! As a fresh college graduate with a major in fashion design, Tiffany brings fabulous industry knowledge, familiarity with fabrics and design construction, and the best friendly attitude around. She is our Assistant Manager & Buyer and is largely responsible for all of the goodness buzzing over in the B-Hive. She is also a super star when working with our petite customers. At 4’11” she gets it! She knows which silhouettes work beautifully for all shapes & heights for all departments from bridal to bridesmaids to prom. Tiffany is engaged to the man of her dreams and is getting married in 2020 at Mercantile Hall!

Emily: Emily is the superstar behind all of the amazing typography art around Bon Bon Belle and Mercantile Hall.  She is finishing her degree (focusing on typography and advertising) and manages to work at both Bon Bon Belle and on her own small business knocking it out of the park. She's going to be a resident Artist featured inside Bon Bon Belle's expanded storefront so watch for her super talents to be showcased (she's got more talent in her pinky finger then...well... you know how the saying goes).

Cassie:  What you need to know about Cassie is that her smile is as big as her heart. She is a true sweetheart in every sense of the word and customers L-O-V-E her. She brings her experience, calmness, and non-judgmental nature to every bride and they routinely write to us sharing their happiness. She’ll be away from our family for just a bit to have a baby (her first - yay!) and while she’s away we’ll be sending her lots of little baby love & warm wishes.

Susan:  Susan brings decades of service experience from the friendly skies right down to our shop, and radiates kindness the moment she is in your presence. She manages our desk and will be the first to bring you in and make you feel at home. She is passionate about caring for all of our guests, and has a soft spot for our Moms and Grandmas who get to share in their daughter's/granddaughter's big day. It's a special moment in a girl's life, and one Susan feels grateful to share.

Wendy: With over 30 years of retail and event experience, Wendy can be found working with customers in all departments within the store and providing wedding consultation beyond our four walls. She adores her brides, has a soft spot for our bridesmaids, and is devoted to ensuring her gals are well taken care of. Once in the store, you'll quickly learn that everyone feels like family. As it should be. Wendy, her husband, their three kids, and three basset hounds live right here in Burlington.

Morgan: We are thrilled to have Morgan on our bridal consultant team. She's eager, friendly and helpful, and is awesome at guiding you through the process of picking out your bridesmaid or prom dress, as well as any accessories you need. Morgan and her beautiful family live in Burlington.

Alexandria: Alexandria is a Bridal, Prom & Bridesmaid Consultant at Bon Bon Belle and is an all around amazing person. Full of joy, she's exceptional to work with and you'll find a tremendous sense of peace & calm every time you do. Alexandria was instrumental in the selection of our 2019 prom collection, so be sure to stop by and see what her picks are - she has pretty amazing taste!

Hannah: Hannah, one of our Prom & B-Hive Consultants is a Senior at Burlington High School and frequently stars in the many musical productions the school produces each year. She will be assisting with the Prom Shop’s Grand Opening and Fashion Show and will likely be there to help you narrow down your favorites as you find the ‘perfect dress’.

Anna: This girl - she’s going places. What an amazing level of service you can expect from Anna. She truly gets giddy helping others and is right there to have your back as you make your way through the Prom Shop. She’ll show you styles you might not have considered and be right there to ensure you have a magical time.

Amelia: Amelia’s sense of fashion is evident from the moment you meet her. She’s an awesome member of our Prom Shop & B-Hive team, and has a wonderful way about her, helping others find their dream prom gown or that little something special to wear out & about.

Meghan: Meghan and her family are Burlington natives and she is a true go-getter. She is one of our Prom Consultants and is going to be on the floor guiding girls through their decision making process while making sure you are having an absolute blast.   

Bon Bon Belle "Graduates"

Each year, as Summer sets in we sniffle, cry, hug & say our sad goodbyes to the High School Stylists who head off to new experiences and/or college. They will always be members of our team, so we will fondly keep them on our "Staff Wall".

Many thanks and lots of love goes out to:

  • Ellen (UW, Madison)

  • Abbey (UW, La Crosse)

  • Bridgette (UW, Madison)

  • Laura (University of Dubuque)

  • Katie (UW, La Crosse)

  • Dagne (DePaul University)

  • Tayllor (UW, Oshkosh)

  • Courtney (University of Minnesota)

  • Devon (UW, Madison)

  • Savannah (UW, Madison)

We wish our Graduates lots of success and an amazing future! You always have a home away from home right here at 425 N. Pine. 


- Your friends (B3 family) at Bon Bon Belle