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Lindsay: Lindsay was one of our brides at Bon Bon Belle and also got married right downstairs at Mercantile Hall. She is passionate about fashion and service and loves helping brides at Bon Bon Belle. She attends industry conferences to further enhance her ability to serve our brides and so that she can help tackle any challenge you have, which she does so with humor & grace. Lindsay and her husband live right here in Burlington with their 2 adorable daughters.

Morgan Elizabeth: Also one of our brides - Morgan Elizabeth has a way about her that will calm even the most nervous nelly. You instantly feel like she has your back, and will remain by your side. She graduated from University of Iowa and is instantly recognizable as a great friend to those around her, and you feel that warmth when working with her. She is engaged to be married to someone serving our country (thank you!!) and after their wedding, they will reside in Burlington.

Emily: Emily is the superstar behind all of the amazing typography art around Bon Bon Belle and Mercantile Hall.  She is finishing her degree (focusing on typography and advertising) and manages to work at both Bon Bon Belle and Mercantile Hall serving our customers with her trademark sweetness. She's going to be a resident Artist featured inside Bon Bon Belle's expanded storefront so watch for her super talents to be showcased (she's got more talent in her pinky finger then...well... you know how the saying goes).

Kristina: Formally trained as a photographer, Kristina brings so many unique gifts to the Bon Bon Belle team. She is creative, inspiring, and gosh - she is one of the friendliest women you'll ever meet. We fell in love with her when she walked through our doors. She just radiates kindness, confidence, and good ol' fashioned female awesomeness. Couldn't be more thrilled to have this lady on the B3 team. 

Susan:  Susan brings decades of service experience from the friendly skies right down to our shop, and radiates kindness the moment she is in your presence. She manages our desk and will be the first to bring you in and make you feel at home. She is passionate about caring for all of our guests, and has a soft spot for our Moms and Grandmas who get to share in their daughter's/granddaughter's big day. It's a special moment in a girl's life, and one Susan feels grateful to share.

Wendy: With over 30 years of retail and event experience, Wendy can be found working with customers in all departments within the store and providing wedding consultation beyond our four walls. She adores her brides, has a soft spot for our bridesmaids, and is devoted to ensuring her gals are well taken care of. Once in the store, you'll quickly learn that everyone feels like family. As it should be. Wendy, her husband, their three kids, and three basset hounds live right here in Burlington.

Cassidy: Well the luck of having beautiful red heads on our team continues with Cassidy, who is a Junior at Burlington High School. Cassidy will be helping girls in our prom & special occasion department as well as ensuring our bridal parties are well taken care of. She has an incredible commitment to preserving our store's warmth & welcoming environment, and will be the first to jump for any needs you might have. As service is at the very core of all industries and any career she might pursue post college, this girl has an amazing future ahead of her! Cassidy and her amazing family live and all work right here in Burlington.

Morgan: We are thrilled to have Morgan on our team. She's a member of Driven (a leadership group) at Burlington High School, as well as involved in Poms, and Future Business Leaders of America. She's eager, friendly and helpful, and is awesome at guiding you through the process of picking out your bridesmaid or prom dress, as well as any accessories you need. Morgan and her beautiful family live in Burlington.

Alexandria: Alexandria is a Prom & Bridesmaid Consultant at Bon Bon Belle and is an all around amazing person. Full of joy, she's exceptional to work with and you'll find a tremendous sense of peace & calm every time you do. Alexandria was instrumental in the selection of our 2018 prom collection, so be sure to stop by and see what her picks are - she has pretty amazing taste!

Mikella: Mikella is a Burlington native and true go getter. She is one of our Prom Consultants and is going to be on the floor guiding girls through their decision making process while having an absolute blast. A member of the "Driven" leadership team at school, she is filled with kindness and that comes across in spades at Bon Bon Belle. 

Devon: Devon joined us as a senior in high school which means we'll have to bid adieu soon (but we're going to celebrate every second we have with this wonderful woman). Devon is a champion swimmer, in the top few of her class (of 400+) and she's got a way about her that makes others feel instantly at ease. When we do wish her farewell, we know one thing is for sure - any college she selects is going to get one awesome student who is going do amazing things.

Savannah: The newest addition to our team, but certainly not new to the world of service. She has cut her teeth at our town's local gourmet grocery store and is bringing her sense of urgency and love for fashion straight to our clients at Bon Bon Belle. Be sure to ask her about her jewelry line that she started a few years ago - it brings her great joy! (did I mention she is at the top of her class? she's amazing!)

Bon Bon Belle "Graduates"

Each year, as Summer sets in we say sniffle, cry, hug & say our sad goodbyes to the High School Stylists who head off to new experiences and/or college. They will always be members of our team, so we will fondly keep them on our "Staff Wall".

Many thanks and lots of love goes out to:

  • Ellen (UW, Madison)
  • Abbey (UW, La Crosse)
  • Bridgette (UW, Madison)
  • Laura (University of Dubuque)
  • Katie (UW, La Crosse)
  • Dagne (DePaul University)
  • Tayllor (UW, Oshkosh)
  • Courtney (University of Minnesota)

We wish our Graduates lots of success and an amazing future! You always have a home away from home right here at 425 N. Pine. 


- Your friends (family) at Bon Bon Belle