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Order Your Bridesmaid Dress

Ordering a bridesmaids dress through Bon Bon Belle Bridal Boutique is easy! 
Simply take your measurements, refer to the designer size chart to determine your size, and complete the form below.

Then just "Submit" your information and you will be phoned by a Bon Bon Belle consultant to collect payment and you’re all set!

What you will need: flexible measuring tape and a paper/pen to record your measurements.

Please note: Half down is required for dress orders to begin production with designers.

Name *
Bride's First & Last Name *
Bride's First & Last Name
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Event Date
Please provide the event date. Most dresses have a production window of approximately 12 weeks. We will discuss rush options with you if your event is within 12 weeks.
If you would like to make sure the style you are ordering is still an active style, please visit the designer's website or phone us at Bon Bon Belle to check for you.
Color name as specified by designer
(in inches)
(in inches)
(in inches)
Extra length is offered for Bill Levkoff, #LEVKOFF, Christina Wu Celebrations, and Sorella Vita bridesmaid collections. We recommend extra length if you are 5'8" or taller, or will be 5'8" or taller if wearing heels.
What size dress would you shop for when visiting a traditional department or clothing store?
Please refer to the size chart for your bridesmaid dress designer to determine size based on your measurements above.
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Billing Address
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