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Choosing Where to Purchase Your Wedding Gown

Wendy LynchComment

When it comes time to buy your gown, giving the store a bit of thought is pretty important, probably more than you know. So I thought I'd share some thoughts to help guide you. This is not going to be written to send you into my store. The intention is to get you to the right store for you. I have spent a lot of time inside the walls of my competitors. I know which stores give the best service, and I know which stores I would not visit if I were not in the business. And what it really comes down to is just 3 little things.

The three most important factors when selecting where you'll try on dresses are:

1) Quality. This translates into quality construction, quality fabric, and quality designers. If you visit a few places and see what is out there, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. You can feel the difference, see the difference, and most of all know the difference when you're wearing the gown. Another layer of quality extends beyond the purchase of your bridal gown. Once your dress comes in, you'll need to have it altered. Even if your dress fits perfectly, you will still need a seamstress to add the bustle for you so that your gown won't drag when you dance. When you purchase a dress that is well made, you'll enjoy the benefits of having one that is easy to alter. If the material or construction is sub-par, you'll end up spending more on alterations in the long run just to get it to look right.

2) Service. Read independent reviews online about stores before you go (not the ones they have on their own website, but those you can find on websites like or (this ensures they are indeed legitimate). By doing so, you will get a great understanding from other brides what to expect at each store. If service is not something the store is known for, or the reviews are highly mixed, run. You will be spending a lot of money, you are placing trust in the store's processes to get your gown ordered and in for your wedding, and service has to be the cornerstone of their commitment to their customers. However, if you are a bride who prefers to walk in and not be the center of attention, I get that too. If this is you, you'll have the luxury of that type of experience in a big box store, so that could be a great option for you.

3) Price. It comes down to price because for most people, there is a firm budget. Phone the stores you want to visit and ask about their price range. One word to the wise: don't think you will save money by finding quality knock-offs online. Our team, (and probably every other store out there), spends quite a bit of time working with panicked customers who bought a wedding gown or bridesmaids dress online only to have it arrive a completely different color, poorly made, the wrong size, the list goes on.... So bottom line & huge lesson - go into a store - any store - and do not buy online. If you don't want to spend a lot of money, tell the store your budget. Try it on, feel the fabric, experience the service, and pay what you can afford. You shouldn't have to sacrifice quality or service to stay within your budget. 

What is really neat at Christy's Bon Bon Belle is when a customer realizes that they can have all three of these - quality construction & fabrics, incredible service, and great prices. We have brides travel to us from all over the country, and we couldn't be more proud of that. We work hard to make sure our reputation continues to impress and bring girls from all over so that we can share our commitment to an outstanding experience with them. 

Hope this is helpful, and best of luck with your search! XO


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