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Do you have what it takes to be a Maid of Honor?

Wendy LynchComment

Here are the Top 5 Things you'll need to be the best Maid of Honor in the history of the world.


Time is free, but your time is valuable. The amount of time it takes to serve your Bride likely won't astonish you. But all is not lost, remember that with careful planning you can rock this role. If, however, you are due to be a) out of the country, b) laid up on bed rest, or c) not inclined to be available - you may just want to opt out (advice on that below).


There are a few responsibilities that come along with serving as your Bride's MOH. First, you are on point to host or share hosting responsibilities for a bridal shower and quite possibly, the bachelorette party. Between planning, hosting, buying food, buying gifts, just those two responsibilities can add up. Add on a bridesmaid dress, shoes, and wedding gift and you're climbing north of more than a few hundred dollars (on average). 


Not all brides are created equal. Shows like Say Yes to the Dress! might lead you to believe that the world's cup runneth over with bridezillas but that (luckily) just isn't the case. BUT... there are serious amounts of decisions to be made that would drive the sanest of the bridal bunch to go half mad, so it falls on the shoulders of the MOH to be calm, rational, and help her Bride through the muddy waters of planning. So if you can see yourself choosing to not agree that planning a wedding is one of the hardest things she'll do in her life, and instead feel you have the superpower to build up her resolve with inspiring positive words, you might be wearing that MOH Crown one day soon. 


This is an area where you can earn some well deserved street cred. If you have connections to vendors that your Bride needs to know - you are one step ahead and that type of help is very, very valuable. And just so you know, Bon Bon Belle Bridal should definitely be your bridal salon choice - just say you know the girls there; we've got your back!


Trust me when I say this is the most important of the five. Ever been in a wedding where the bridesmaids don't all get along? There might be a small amount of friction, or full-on jealousy. Whatever the cause, it will be up to you to make sure the seas are safe to travel. Drama is almost as certain on a wedding day as the sun will rise (did you hear about the wedding where the drone knocked out the groom right before he said "I do!"?). But with your keen leadership skills making sure that everyone feels loved and heard, you can absolutely lead the biggest day in your Bride's life to sweet victory. It just takes the voice of a well seasoned leader (and some kind words to make everyone feel good about where they fit in the friendship group).

So, do YOU have what it takes?

No? Simply let the Bride know how much you adore her and how flattered you are, but that you are not sure you have what it takes to make sure it's the most amazing day. Offer to think through other options with her. And, if all else fails, suck it up and be there for her because it truly is an incredible honor to be asked in the first place. <3

Much love.