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do you cry when you find your gown?

How do I know?

Wendy LynchComment

I'm asked quite frequently - am I supposed to have 'a feeling' when I find my gown? Of course, there is no true answer to that as everyone reacts differently. I do know that those who say they're not going to cry have indeed been known to shed a tear when they realize they have found their gown.

Here is what you are supposed to feel:

  • Beautiful
  • Confident
  • Comfortable
  • Radiant

We want you to feel the most beautiful you've ever felt at any given moment in your life. You should wear the dress (the dress should not wear you) meaning you should be able to wear the gown without fidgeting, worrying about it, or being distracted by elements on the dress that need to cooperate in any way. The dress should be an appropriate level of comfortable for the event. If you are a dancing machine, mermaid silhouettes likely won't be your best friend, (so perhaps seek out fit and flare styles with the flare starting at or above the knee). And finally, you should feel radiant, glowing, and magical.

Almost every time a bride finds her gown, she's feeling those four things. So whether you find yourself crying with joy or admiring yourself with awe - you'll know when it's your gown.