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Em's Great Adventure

Wendy LynchComment

For all of our brides who have had the pleasure of working with Emily over the years, I wanted to update you on her latest accomplishment & current adventure (which happened to all roll up into one very big amazing journey).

After years of hard work juggling work, school, life & dreams, Emily recently graduated from college and we are so super proud of her. For those of you who don’t know, Emily is the talented artist behind our beautiful calligraphy throughout Bon Bon Belle & the B-Hive Boutique as well as downstairs in Mercantile Hall and The Urb Garden. She most recently created The Urb Garden logo, is the force behind the hand-drawn invitations and wedding seating cards that are on display at Bon Bon Belle, and has an gorgeous gift for brand, style & voice.

That passion has taken her on her latest adventure - studying abroad in Italy where she will find a universe full of inspiration all around her. She is going to be able to dream, sketch, learn, grow, and explore. Knowing Em and her wide-eyed spirit, she’ll find all that and more.

We miss her so much and can’t wait to hear all of the stories & experiences she enjoyed. And when she returns, she’s going to be jumping in full time to run the brands for all four businesses. Sups looking forward to having her back and can’t wait to let her adventures continue to unfold.

Love you Em!


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