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5 Trends to Watch for Weddings in 2019

Wendy LynchComment

5 Wedding Trends for 2019 to Consider

Each year we grab a group of creative & talented wedding professionals to sniff out the trends we believe are going to be new & exciting for 2019. How you incorporate them has limitless possibilities, which is half the fun. And if you love some of them but aren’t sure how to work them into your day, give us a shout. Ideas are abundant, and we share them absolutely free.

  1. Velvet. Decadent, Squishy Velvet.

    • We are starting to see this fabric used as table runners, tablecloth underlays, couches & settees in an entry room, as well as used in various styles of bridesmaid dresses or as a shawl wrap for Fall & Winter weddings. Velvet is elegant, mysterious with its crushed soft colors, and it is ever so soft and worthy of inviting an arm around your shoulder if only to have a soft landing spot.

  2. Show Stopping Cakes

    • The time has come for a little adventure when it comes to cake creativity and couples are opting to go with designs that are striking against the traditional. Perhaps it’s the baking shows & competitions that have provided ideas? What we are seeing now is a jump to create something that reflects their interests, a replica of a place that is significant to them as a couple, or simply as tall as can be with layer upon layer of lusciousness just to induce a ‘wow!’ or two from their guests. It’s all about the wow here, so why not go big before you go home? It’s making my mouth water just thinking about what’s possible…

  3. Hand Drawn Illustrations

    • If you have not stumbled upon the insanely talented artisans who create these masterpieces, look no further than Bon Bon Belle. Our very own Emily Parma is soooooo talented and has produced oodles of custom illustrations for our brides from hand-drawn maps to show church to reception directions (complete with depictions of the church and venue) to gorgeous floral illustrations - each with its own beautiful botanical elements, to hand written invitations featuring symbolic elements unique to the couple such as a monogram. The photo we have here is of one of her masterpieces. For more info:

  4. Edgy & Moody Color Schemes

    • As far as can be from drab and boring, these new color palettes feature deep, deep burgundy rich in depth that pairs so beautifully with dark leafy greens and deep mustardy-golds. They conjure up feelings of mystery with a dash of sexy. To give you some inspiration, and a nod to our next trend, visit: She has taken the moody color palette to a whole new fantastic level with her designs. Super inspiration. You should really check her out.

  5. Wallpapered Ceremony Backdrops

    • If you visited the link above to Ellie Cashman Design, you saw how gorgeous patterns can be dropped in to the background to create a stunning focal point for a ceremony, photo area, sweetheart table and more. What makes this trend so exquisite is that you can do absolutely anything. From whimsical to dramatic, botanical to formal toile. Just imagine how it can set the stage for that added punch of color, pattern, and wow factor.

Hope you like these as much as we do! We’ll be sure to share more as our team encounters more new fantastic ideas.

Much love,