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Happy Mothers Day

Wendy LynchComment

Today is Mother's Day, and it's a day to celebrate and honor those in our life who have shared their time, patience, and encouragement with us. My mother, Linda married my father when she was 18 and my father was 20 (they are still together celebrating many decades of life side by side). They went through their early adult life having four children and moving throughout the United States and overseas in the pursuit of my father's career as a banker. As kids, picking up and moving to a new city, making new friends, and finding our place was hard, but for our mother, she persisted patiently getting us through each transition. Never showing stress that may have been present, she ushered us to new friend groups, signed us up for camp, and made sure that each experience was fully explored. Mom, I love and adore you and thank you for all of the precious experiences we've shared together throughout this crazy life we've enjoyed. Thank you for being there when each of my babies was born, and for sharing your love so abundantly.

At Bon Bon Belle, we have been present for many, many incredible mother daughter moments. We have had the pleasure to host mothers and future mothers-in-law, who couldn't be more thankful for having the opportunity to share the experience with the bride-to-be. We have witnessed the proud expressions, those looks on moms faces watching as they realize their daughter is truly grown up and getting married (that epiphany often happens inside the bridal suite when they see their daughter in a wedding gown for the first time).

One of those moments stands out so clearly to me, and it's been years since it occurred at Bon Bon Belle. One of our beloved brides lost her mom shortly before coming in to find her wedding gown. At the start of the appointment, with Dad and cousins in tow, she asked if she could have a moment alone. During that time, she took out a small stack of photos of her Mom and carefully taped them to the inside of the suite doors, in an area where she would dress, away from those who accompanied her. As she tried on gowns I realized her Mom was the one who was able to see her in each of those gowns first, before she came out from behind the doors to show her family. It was one of the sweetest, purest, and most loving ways to honor the woman who, to that day, was still by her side if only in spirit.

Here's to mothers in all corners of this universe, here on earth & above on this special day.

 With much love,