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Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Letter)

Wendy Lynch

Sharing a bit of my journey with you…

It’s long been a dream that my husband joins me on this crazy little venture called entrepreneurship. And after dreaming, wondering, planning, saving, and dreaming some more…that day finally arrived.

This adventure that we’ve been on for the past five years, albeit him working with me in the wee hours after his ‘day job’, has produced three brands and there is another one on the way. We have worked with amazing people, many who are still standing by our sides today, have learned, grown, and experienced the highs and lows that entrepreneurs know well. Many ask how is it ‘reaaalllly…’ to be working together? And with great pride he and I both say “we absolutely love our lives” and we are grateful for the opportunity we are pursuing.

The dream really started to become a reality when Andrew gave me the gift of attending a Tony Robbins seminar and a few months later I returned the gift, and went with him to my second “Unleash the Power Within” where we charted our future, replaced the ‘what ifs’ with ‘yes, absolutely’s’ and the rest has been history. And for those of you who were in that crowd of over 9,000 people in Chicago screaming, clapping, dancing and shaking that ass, I hope you too are realizing your dreams. We cannot say enough about how life changing those days were and are big advocates for coaches who help people unlock their greatest potential.

This crazy little thing called love that he and I share keeps getting better and as Bon Bon Belle celebrates and cherishes all things love, I wanted to salute my husband, Andrew.

I’m so thankful that we get to experience this journey side by side. The day has come, hon.

Cheers to the next chapter and making others’ dreams come true.