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We say beautiful. You say yes.

Wendy LynchComment

There is nothing more stressful, emotional, nor exciting than shopping for your wedding gown. So, take it from the Pros when we say that there myths to be wary of when shopping for your gown.

Myth #1: When you cry, you'll know.                

  • While tears are indeed the purest expression of relief and joy that humans have ever exhibited, but waterworks aren't in everyone's DNA.  It's not true that you'll cry or feel moved to tears when you find your gown. You might just feel downright giddy and joyous and display smile after smile followed by an eruption of infectious laughter. The point is that much like choosing a husband, the road to finding a wedding gown is a journey. Enjoy the path and relish the moment you find it - however you choose to do so.

Myth #2: You should never buy your wedding gown on your first shopping trip.

  • Take it from us when we say 'when you find it, buy it'. There is no need to try on hundreds of dresses unless you're a serial shopper. Here's why: First and most importantly, bridal shops receive discontinuation notices throughout the year and it would be a shame to find a gown and wait only to learn that it can no longer be ordered. Second, get it before someone else does. Girlfriends tend to get married around the same time in life which often means shopping for gowns during overlapping periods. It's happened on more than one occasion that friends (even sisters!) fall in love with the same gown. By securing yours first, that dress (should) will be off limits. Lastly, you have many many items on your to do list. When you find your gown, you are crossing off one major to-do.

Myth #3: Bridal stylists will tell you what you want to hear.

  • I can only speak for our store of course, but there is a reason why we pull dresses for our brides. We know how styles fit. We know what shapes look best in any type of silhouette. We do not want to put anything on you that you might find unflattering.  There is always an opportunity for a bride to insist and even then we work with our brides to ensure that it's the most beautiful representation of their vision. We show options, talk through any subtle modifications that are required, and do so by championing the bride. And trust me when I tell you that the goosebumps and tears that might occur are 100% genuine. We might only have known you for an hour, but we're getting you naked and that requires trust both ways, so do just that. Trust us.

Myth #4: Big box stores have the best deals.

  • On behalf of all of the independent boutiques, please give us a try. Do your homework before you go and you will be pleasantly surprised. Ask what the store's price range is for their gowns. Ask which designers they carry and look at the designer's website online to see if there are styles you're fond of. Almost every day we hear the same remarks from our brides. I cannot believe your incredible prices and fantastic quality. That's quite often followed by "I had the most horrible experience at ____ Bridal" (leaving it to your imagination to fill in the blank there, but yep, it's a big box store). For the life of me I cannot understand why would someone want to spend more money and have a horrible experience. It makes us downright gleeful to give good service and so proud when our brides hug us as they're leaving because they're truly happy. That's what it should be all about.