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Trend Alert - Aisle Rug Runners

Wendy LynchComment

A hot new trend right now is utilizing rug runners for the wedding aisle. From rich fabrics and bold colors to vintage neutrals, this definitely brings the indoors out with a lavish touch of warmth. Traditional flower petals are being asked to scoot over to make way for the soft touch the look of rug runners brings to the setting, and the result is fabulous.


  1. Shop thrift stores and budget stores. You don't have to stay within your color scheme here to pull off the look. The rug runners bring warmth and softness and they shouldn't be matchy-matchy or it will look too contrived. Big box stores are great for rug runners too. Make sure you do not string them end to end with the ends touching. Overlap them slightly and let them look slightly less than perfect. This will make the look cozy and inviting.
  2. Some brides opt to bring their family heirloom rugs to the ceremony location. But be prepared for ground that isn't perfectly dry, regardless of season as the morning dew can be just as big of a bear as the day after a fallen rain.


  • Any wedding that is outdoors (any setting), or a wedding that is themed as rustic, vintage, garden, beach, barn, cottage, museum, casual chic, barefoot, and so much more... 


  • Donate the rugs to a local thrift store, use them outside on your porch, or beat them outside with a broomstick and bring them on indoors (make sure nothing is hitchhiking into your house before doing so though)

As with any idea, make it your own and it will take on its own unique flair & style.


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