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Top 7 Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping During the Holidays

Wendy LynchComment

Having loved ones home for any of the major holidays creates the perfect opportunity to have a memorable gown day. Celebrating family and cherishing the memories that are made during this time is especially important.

To help you prepare, here are our top 7 tips for enjoying gown day appointments during the holidays:

  1. Book your appointment early as the holidays tend to book quickly.
  2. Ensure the salon you’re visiting allows photographs so that you can take photos throughout your experience. If there are loved ones not able to join you, this will document your day and allow you to share it with them as if they were there.
  3. Because you never know when you’re going to have your ‘Gown Day Moment’, treat each appointment – whether it’s your very first time, or your fifth trip to a bridal salon – like it could be the appointment where you find your dress. Know that the feeling is just as spectacular if the one you fall for is the first gown you try on.
  4. Ask your Maid of Honor to take notes of what you like and don’t like which helps the Stylist zero in on your vision.
  5. Identify how many people you can (should) bring to the salon keeping in mind how you want your appointment to flow and whose opinion is important to help you arrive at a decision. The salon can help guide you through this when you make your appointment.
  6. At Christy’s Bon Bon Belle, we have in-store iPads in the event you want to Skype with your loved one who cannot be with you during your Gown Day. We have several brides who have family members deployed in the armed services proudly serving our country, and it’s special to include them on this special day. If this is important to you, check with the salon where you book your appointment to confirm this is available as well as collect all of the details in advance.
  7. Because the holidays are typically busy for the bridal salons, bring ideas of what you’ve seen or tried on previously and a budget you’d like to stick to – that will help the Stylist hit the ground running.

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