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3 Most Important Considerations When Shopping for a Wedding Dress

Wendy LynchComment

We have all heard horror stories of brides shopping experiences. From feeling like a number in the big box store to feeling completely overwhelmed without any guidance — these are not experiences any girl ‘dreams of’ when thinking about their Gown Day.

But if you are about to embark on this journey, aside from my personal advice which is to take time to truly savor the experience, here are the top three most important things to consider when setting out to find your bridal gown:

  1. Don’t settle for anything less than a tremendous service experience. If I told you that you could find a dress within your budget and still have an incredible ‘Gown Day’ experience, would you still head to a big box store? Probably not. Indeed it is price that often drives a bride to that big bridal store with a man's name. But what gets lost in that experience IS the experience. Your Gown Day could be a day when you and your Mom or you and your best friend head to a salon to experience a high level of service while looking for a gown. Experienced stylists guide you and show you dresses that will look great on your figure. Bridal Salons like Christy's Bon Bon Belle are dedicated to service, committed to your personal journey, and are there only to serve you. This individual attention is something you’ll appreciate as you move through the order and delivery process, alterations, and final fitting and steaming.
  2. Work with Stylists who have experience and passion. It’s such a different experience when you work with a Stylist who is truly passionate about what they do. When you find your gown, true Stylists feel honored to be able to share that moment with you. We are fortunate at Christy's Bon Bon Belle to have Stylists with rich + diverse backgrounds spanning decades of experience working in fashion as well as alterations. Just like the elated feelings surrounding saying “I do…” one should feel that same happiness, joy, and the feeling that this is the one when they find their dress, and that is what you'll find when you visit an intimate salon.
  3. A selection of gowns that reflect your personal style.  It’s important to go to a store with an idea of what you want. That will certainly help narrow down the selection and fine tune your focus. Narrowing down your silhouette, neckline, and skirt style help hit the ground running. But lets say you’re looking to have a themed wedding where everyone is in super hero costumes (yep, it’s been done) you’d need to probably find a salon that a) was willing to make a dress for you, b) feature gowns that are exceptionally fashion forward, or c) also specializes in costumes. You get it – go to the salon that reflects your unique style. By glancing at the sampling they have on their website, you can get a feel for their approach. From couture to modest, glam to drama – salons typically carry a variety but some do specialize. By doing your research ahead of time, you’ll be sure to align yourself with a store & buyer who has the selection you’ll want to shop.