Bon Bon Belle Bridal Boutique

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The most beautiful thing on your wedding day is the smile on your face.
— Lindsay

Lindsay, Store Manager

Our loving Manager Lindsay is one of the most down to earth women you’ll find. Before working at Bon Bon Belle, she was a Bon Bon Belle “B3 Babe” Bride herself. She married to Ryan - the man of her dreams - right downstairs at Mercantile Hall - a gorgeous industrial chic wedding venue, so you can say she’s part of this building’s ‘fabric’. The picture featured above is her most treasured part of her job - the moments she shares with her brides when they find the gown of their dreams. You’ll find her clapping away, wiping the tears, and celebrating right along with everyone there. Lindsay and Ryan live right here in Burlington with their two adorable daughters.

Empower the women all around you...
— Emily

Emily, Bridal & Bridesmaid Consultant & Marketing Guru

This woman has talent coming out her ears. Yep, that’s her doing a yoga pose with one of her favorite boho wedding gowns. Emily is a ROCK STAR that knows no bounds. She has a super calm demeanor that many brides find soothing and refreshing. She’s also a petite chickadee so she is awesome when her petite brides need help figuring out the right silhouette & trends that won’t overwhelm their frame. And lovin’ our feeds? Her creative skills serve up B3’s marketing wizardry AND a line of custom gorgeous hand-drawn invitations. She’s amazing. We’re hugely proud of this woman!

Don’t let anyone define you. You define yourself.
— Morgan

Morgan, Bridal & Bridesmaid Consultant

Morgan and her older sister both started their work journey at Bon Bon Belle working at our last location on Milwaukee Avenue. We are thrilled to have Morgan on our bridal, bridesmaid and dress boutique team. She's eager, friendly and helpful, and is awesome at guiding you through the process of picking out your bridesmaid or prom dress, as well as any accessories you need. Morgan and her beautiful family live in Burlington.

Meghan helping prom shopper.jpg
What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.
— Meghan

Meghan, Bridesmaid & B-Hive Boutique Consultant

We hope you have the opportunity to work with Meghan - she has an incredible spirit and positive energy that spills over into all that she does. You will find Meghan in the B-Hive @ Bon Bon Belle assisting with our boutique customers in search of a great dress, merchandising the boutique, or helping our brides find their bridesmaids dresses. She wears many hats, and does so with such grace. She is an absolute doll and we’re thankful she’s a part of our team.

JA Gown.jpg
Empowered women empower women.
— anonymous

Kristina, Bridal and Bridesmaid Consultant

We are excited for our brides to meet Kristina. She is an incredible member of our team - gentle, caring, and incredibly organized. She exudes warmth and is the friend you haven’t met yet. Just like the rest of the team, she’s operates with a zero-judgment perspective and has no other objective then to help you find the dress you were made for. We feel lucky to know her and lucky to have her on the team. You’ll soon see why…


Nicole, Bridal & Bridesmaid Consultant

If you’ve been in to shop at Bon Bon Belle, you may have met Nicole - she is the bubbly blonde who is almost always smiling as she buzzes around the shop scooping up gowns for her brides. She has an incredible energy, most often laughing & having a great time with her bride & their entourages, where that energy appears to overflow from each appointment. If you are a high energy bride, Nicole is your perfect counterpart.

Amelia modeling.jpg
You can change the world, girl!
— anonymous

Amelia, Bridesmaid & Boutique Consultant

We are proud to introduce you to Amelia - our resident consultant and model. Amelia is easy to spot with her warm smile and kind vibe. She’s great at assisting you with finding just the right bridesmaid dresses and LOVES to help our boutique shoppers find an awesome gift or date night outfit. She’s a lovely human inside & out and we can’t wait for you to work with her!


Bella, Bridesmaid & Boutique Consultant

We first got to know Bella through our fashion shows and youth group events and to say she is a ray of sunshine is an understatement. She takes her role at Bon Bon Belle very seriously and is always there to help with a smile. She’s ready to help any way she can, so if you’re looking for guidance with your bridesmaids or outfit for a special event - she’s got you covered!


Megan, Bridesmaid & Boutique Consultant

Our bridesmaid and dress boutique areas are booming so we needed a superstar to add to the team - enter Megan! She’s a fantastic addition and is incredibly diligent about the bridesmaid tribe experience and how Bon Bon Belle can help each group of ladies find their perfect gowns. Hope you have the opportunity to work with her!


Riley, Bridesmaid & Boutique Consultant

Riley is absolutely someone you need to meet. She is gracious, warm & kind and is as positive as they come. We have one rule at Bon Bon Belle - we don’t hire meanies. We hire people who are kind, loving & who we love to be around so that our customers will too. Riley is all that - she will work tirelessly to help you with your shopping needs and you will really enjoy working with her. As it should be.

Wen with Coffee.jpg
Love is powerful. It should be present in all that we do.
— Wen


Dreamy. That’s how I respond when someone asks “How cool is it to work in an industry where you see people celebrate every day?” The team and I are routinely asked that question not because our jobs are easy by any stretch. We work very hard at every turn so that our customers have an incredible experience. That question is typically asked after they see the emotion all over our faces. It’s authentic and our smiles are full of big yummy joy. But on top of everything - from watching brides have ‘the moment’ to sharing some really incredible heart-overflowing-can’t-handle-it experiences with their loved ones - what I savor equally as much is the people I work with. Each. And. Every. Single. One. They are such wonderful people. Such caring, beautiful individuals. So if you’ve made it to the end of the staff page and you’re with me here til the end, here is to making more memories, sharing more incredible moments, and working with the people I love very much.

Zjiveli! (Croatian for Cheers / Long Life!)