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Blu by Madeline Gardner

Wendy LynchComment

BLU by Madeline Gardner

Weddings are about tradition. But does this always mean your wedding dress should be strictly traditional? 

In our Blu Collection by world reknown designer Madeline Gardner, the designs find the perfect harmony between classic and contemporary. So while you’ve always pictured yourself in that beautiful white dress, there’s no reason you can’t blend the newest trends or styles while you’re at it.

In this collection, Madeline blends traditional styles like the mermaid or the ball gown with more modern and sleek trends such as fit and flare and illusion neckline dresses. If you’ve been starry eyed over your mom’s amazing long sleeve ensemble from the 70’s but you’re wondering how to incorporate that vibe into your stylish up to date wedding, consider our long sleeve, off the shoulder look. Or perhaps you're considering a body hugging sheath style, with its lace appliques and tight bodices - just another fabulous choice to keep things both elegant and trendy on the big day.

Whichever style you’re seeking, the Blu collection has a bit of something for every bride. Gowns range from $600 - $1200 at Bon Bon Belle Bridal in Burlington, WI.