10 South

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Our next stop on the beautiful wedding venues that Wisconsin has to offer is the charming 10 South in Janesville, WI. Originally constructed in the 1930’s, this rich, historic site has been transformed into a wonderfully picturesque wedding venue. From the spacious main hall, to the gorgeously-renovated dressing suites, and all the way to the elegant outdoor Hearth Patio, 10 South is ready for your special day.

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The Main Hall

10 South’s Main Hall offers a grand space to hold your ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception (if you choose)! The cream-colored brick alongside the beautiful red brick pattern creates an amazing backdrop for the end of your aisle. With the option of seating up to 375 guests or accommodating 500 standing guests, the Main Hall is great for those with larger parties. The real “wow-factor” is the catwalk! Your photographer’s new best friend, this catwalk allows for the most beautiful overhead shots, capturing the entire essence of your day. 

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The Hearth Patio

For those looking for a stunning outdoor ceremony space, look no further than the Hearth Patio. Another large space, the patio features plenty of room for seating 375 guests. The best part of the Hearth Patio is the grand fireplace! Completely constructed from ivory stone, this gorgeous fireplace is perfect for an amazing altar feature.

The Dressing Suites

What really sets 10 South apart from the rest is the relaxing dressing suites. The bride’s suite, Lindelle Dressing Suite, and the groom’s suite, Cavah Dressing Suite, are thoughtfully-designed spaces, perfect for accommodating your most important people. The Lindelle Dressing Suite is the definition of natural light. Gorgeous, large windows cover the walls (perfect for those getting ready photos)! The Cavah Dressing Suite is the perfect man cave, fitted with a large TV to watch sports or play video games on the big day!

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The Cocktail Lounge

Let’s drink! The Cocktail Lounge at 10 South is crafted with a blush-tone tile bar and custom picture frames with your most treasured memories. Perfect for that morning mimosa or the late night reception champagne, the Cocktail Lounge creates the perfect cocktail hour atmosphere. 

We are in love with the pouring of heart and soul that has been put into the loveliness that is 10 South. The staff has an incredible sense of care that is apparent through every step of the wedding process. If you’re obsessed like we are, book an appointment to tour 10 South! They would love to celebrate your love alongside you.

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